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Thanks to Bernie Brule, I have added his list of RZM codes to the insignia page. Bernie had a great website - "SS Officers Computer Research" but he has now moved on to other things.


The purpose of the SS Relics website is to share with other collectors (and non-collectors) my small collection of SS and Third Reich artifacts.

While not having a huge or prestigious collection, I felt that I should let others view it, instead of having it hidden away. It's also here as a website for collectors to refer to when needed. Unless otherwise stated, the SS items displayed here are from the Waffen-SS.  I hope you will enjoy viewing my collection.

I believe that all the items shown on these pages are authentic to the German Third Reich period and I have gone to a lot of time and expense to ensure they are. If you believe anything is not authentic I would be interested to hear your opinion.

Lastly, this site is intended for historical interest only. If you are offended by images from The Third Reich,  then please click here

The site is currently being redone in Dreamweaver so a lot of content is missing at the moment. Please be patient and I'll have it all back the way it was, as soon as I can.

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Thanks to all my fellow militaria collectors for their support and encouragement with this website.

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